Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

This is defined as super imposing layers of digital graphics, audio and other interactive virtual objects within our world.  Today we can include anyone in a narrative to leverage AR to share original ideas with online audiences.  AR allows you to INFORM, VISUALISE, PERSONALISE & GAMIFY- Allowing your audience to participate, capture and share in your story.

In our world of unprecedented rapid change, the ability of people, brands and business to create lasting connection is key to success for both.  Research indicates that AR is known to increase the perceived value of brands and products. AR has also allowed us a better understanding of the world around us in order to create unprecedented ways of creating and sharing new experiences.

Being a Spark AR partner on the Facebook platform extends our access to collaborate locally and internationally with the best in AR.  As specialists in AR filters, we create bespoke, fun experiences that promote increased engagement and community to foster unbreakable bonds.

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Our Augmented Reality services include:

Facebook Filters

Instagram Filters

SnapChat Filters & Lenses

Google ARCore & ARKit

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