YouTube has become more than just a major tool for marketers it is quickly becoming the advertising platform of choice for businesses ranging from “Fortune 500” companies to garage start-ups worldwide. The channel has well over one billion users analysed by end of 2017(Forbes contributor). Being the second most used online search engine with more searches than yahoo, bing and explorer combined and at the same time, being considered the third largest social media network, places it in a unique position to reach both information searchers and social interactive groups. When you add in the versatility that comes from being able to combine both video and audio messaging into a single platform it is easy to see why so many companies are turning to YouTube to engage their target audiences and tell their stories.

Focusing on telling relatable stories or sharing beneficial ideas with your customers or fans you become more than just a product online or on a shelf. The key to creating effective YouTube video ads is defining your audience and designing specific content to target each specific demographic group you would like to reach.

YouTube effectively & analytically allows each brand to do so within a controlled, accurate, measured reporting format.

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